Pick up service

Let Mamamini collect your stuff!

Thanks for donating your belongings! We really appreciate it. With your help we can continue to support local charity in Groningen. Please note: our drivers will only take items which are still in good condition and which are not forbidden to re-sell (like certain fridges).

Fill out my online form.

This how it goes

You live a maximum of 25 km from Groningen. You give us a pick-up order. We organize a collection day together. A day before, we will give you a time indication by telephone when you can expect us.

Only sellable items

Mamamini only accepts items that are still good to sell. This is the only way we can save money for charities. We hope for your understanding.

Environmentally friendly

Our volunteers drive routes every day according to the most environmentally friendly schedule. The next few days are usually already full. So take a lead time into account!

Can you send photos?

If you send photos, we can estimate even better how big something is and whether it is sellable in our stores. Thanks in advance!